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TurmeriX®| The Benefits of Aniseed

Welcome back to our series of articles as we deep dive into the individual ingredients that make up the TurmeriX® blend. Each ingredient was chosen to be part of the blend for its unique individual properties and for its complementary synergy when mixed with other powerful natural ingredients. One ingredient on its own cannot do it all, but when taken together that is where the effectiveness happens!

This week our in-depth look is at Anise

So… What is Anise?

Anise (also known as aniseed), is an herbaceous annual flowering plant native to Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region. Anise is part of the parsley and carrot family and is grown for its fruits (aniseed). Anise seeds are containing several important minerals, such as iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium to name a few. Anise is similar to star anise and liquorice in flavour and aroma. Anise seeds are used in teas along with various other confectioneries, such as black jelly beans (British), humbugs (Australian) and pizzella (Italian)- to name a few. Anise is well known for flavouring many different regional liquors, such as ouzo (Greek), absinthe (French) and sambuca (Italian). In various formulations anise has been used since Ancient times as a remedy for asthma and bronchitis cough as well as digestive disorders such as flatulence, bloating, colicky stomach pain, nausea and indigestion.

Anise as an Antibacterial

Anethole impedes bacteria growth, anethole is an active ingredient in anise seeds (it is also present in fennel- another ingredient in the TurmeriX® blend). Research has shown promise with having anethole assist with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and increase insulin producing cells. Studies have shown aniseeds to have antibacterial properties in fighting antibiotic resistance bacteria. Research has also suggested anise extracts have potential to fight free radicals with their antimicrobial and antioxidant abilities.

Anise for Antioxidants

Anise seed is high in antioxidants. Studies have shown that antioxidants may reduce inflammation and diseases- causing oxidative damage. Having long term inflammation has been connected to many lingering ailments. Anise seed oil has indicated promise in reducing inflammation.

Anise as an Expectorant

Anise has shown results as an expectorant for breaking up congestion and coughs. Traditional anise teas were used for coughs, mucus and bronchial aliments. The antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits of anise may prove effective in easing coughs and colds.

Anise for Indigestion

Studies have revealed anise may be beneficial for indigestion and stomach upset associated with gas. Research has also shown success of anise oil with reducing bloating in those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  Researchers have put forward the fact that anise may prevent the mucous membrane layer of the stomach from damage as it relates ulcers.

Anise is a versatile plant with many health benefits. It has many nutrients that are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. Anise is a natural addition the TurmeriX®  blend.

Check back our next article and discover Ascorbic acid; another important ingredient in your TurmeriX®  blend!